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At Earth Shattering Kaboom Studios we look at everything we do as a new challenge to expand and create something unique.

ESKS aims through its events videos to bring a memorable and unique experience to a potential attendee. Exciting and intriguing images gives an attendee a sense of what the event that they want to attend is intending. As well as creating an excitement for someone who is unaware of the event. 

Creating a memory for someone is something video has an easy way of doing. So therefore, for an event to stand out from the others the video for that event must not only be an exciting memory for attendees but also show the events experiences and draw in new attendees for future events. ESKS does this by creating videos that cover the whole event with the filming of acts and performers as well as interviewing the attendees to gather the overall experience.

An event can take many shapes and can draw any type of crowd ESKS is prepared to produce the best videos that enhance the events experience, regardless of the challenges.

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